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What the Bleep Do I Know?

Today’s Topic is part movie review/part investigative journalism. Have you seen the movie What the %$#*! Do We Know? It is a movie that is part documentary and part narrative that is used to explain the concepts explored in the interviews. Ziv told me about it and my local blockbuster had 3 copies. Pretty impressive for a movie that was privately funded and is being marketed mostly through word of mouth.
What are they discussing? Quantum physics and the nature of human existence. Fun! Actually the movie is very interesting and brings up some ides about the way we experience the world that I found eye opening. They discuss the effects out thoughts have on our reality, they talk about people being addicted to certain emotions, they discuss the fact that we are all connected. Those of you who read the Celestine Prophecy might see some similarities in tone and the way the ideas are exemplified through the action of the movie.
In other areas I found that some of the ideas reminded me of The Matrix. You know when Neo is in the program, he can alter things because the normal laws of physics don’t apply. Well these people are basically saying that because of quantum physics, we know that we can control the outcome of things, including our own realities. I believe that the choices we make dictate our lives, but these people say that matter has no concrete form and we can basically change it with our minds. I am not a scientist and wouldn’t even begin to know how to verify the science in this movie. However, one of the scientist interviewed has come forward and said his findings were taken out of context.
A lot of the ideas and recommendations are confusing and convoluted. The actual movie part of the film is kind of weak, and, while there are some funny scenes, a lot of it is just weird. The film makers did not include the names of the interview subjects (mostly scientists) until the end of the movie. One of the speaker kept catching my eye. A blonde woman with sparkling eyes and an accent to rival Zsa-Zsa Gabor, she had some very profound things to say. Then I got to the end where I saw that this woman was “Ramtha.” Huh? I went to the movie web site. I knew I was in trouble when I saw in the FAQ that some people have accused the film of being a recruiting effort from the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE), which of course the movie makers deny, saying that the message is more important than the messenger. Riiiiight. Then in the dossiers of interviewees I lost almost all faith in the tenants of this movie.
“One of the great enigmas that scientists have studied in the last decade is Ramtha, a mystic, philosopher, master teacher and hierophant. His partnership with American woman JZ Knight, his channel, still baffles scholars.”
Yeah it baffles scholars how any sane people can actually believe that this woman actually channels a really old dude. I went to the RSE web site and found that not only is Ramtha 35,000 years old, but he lived on an island that neighbored Atlantis. Enough said. Except one more thing: all three film makers are members of RSE.
I believe that some of their ideas are salient, however it is nothing that most self help gurus already preach: the power of positive thinking, etc. I would recommend seeing the movie, but just see it knowing that it is a tool to explain the philosophy and teachings of a 35,000 year old man from Atlantis.

Haiku for Enlightenment
Oh, why are we here?
Ramtha knows and you can too,
Just bring your check book

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