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I have two upcoming workshops beginning in January 2019. Ask your loved ones for this gift for the New Year. Make 2019 the year you level up in your craft!

Novel 1 (Jan. 14-Mar 4, 2019)

Location: Online

8 Students

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Writing a novel is a complex and time-consuming endeavor that requires mental stamina. Writers who want to master the form need a toolbox of craft techniques, a supportive network, and mentoring from a pro who has been there and can offer proven strategies for success.

Each week, we will explore the fundamental building blocks of novels, including characterization, world building, plotting and story structure, themes, and point of view. In addition, we’ll focus on building the skill of reading like a writer as we analyze a classic published novel and by critiquing each other’s work to underscore craft concepts. Students will have two opportunities to have pages of their novel-in-progress workshopped in a supportive environment with the goal of improving craft, voice, and clarity. In addition, each student will receive one-on-one mentoring from the instructor to address individual goals and challenges.

Intermediate Novel Workshop (January 13-March 3 2019) 6:30pm

Location: The Drawing Board in Richardson, TX

8 Students

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Once you’ve learned the basics of writing novels, there are still lots of tools to master to take your work to the next level. This workshop is for experienced beginners, who has already completed at least one novel manuscript and are actively pursuing publication. Open to all genres.

Topics will include the connection between world building and character, using rhetorical devices to improve your word craft, exploring different methods and systems for novel writing, revision strategies, and interactive workshopping of your story in progress. The goal is to help you level up and address common errors that keep good writers from getting published as well as learning tricks that pros use to make their prose sing.

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