Jaye Wells

The Storyteller’s Creed

The Storyteller’s Creed

We believe in the power of Story, the prose almighty. And in creativity, the first begotten product of imagination.

We suffer for this art, we bleed for it. Because we will eventually die but our stories will endure.

We believe in the power of the Word everlasting. With its power to heal and to harm, the rend and to sew. To inspire and entertain. To illuminate and obfuscate.

We understand the power of the Word and we will use it for good. For evil scribes use Words to lead readers down hateful paths.

We believe in the holy bonds forged with our readers. And we will honor this pact by writing the best stories of which we are capable.

We will honor our muses, be they real or imagined. We will feed them well and ply them with plentiful drink until the ideas flow.

We are Writers. Modern day troubadours and raconteurs, who ignore the false prophets and snake oil salesmen with their promises of green.

For the goddess Story is worshiped and glorified. An lo though she may doom us to a van down by the river, we love her now and forever.




One Thought on “The Storyteller’s Creed

  1. *Bows down before the goddess Story, fist over heart* Mea culpa, Mea culpa, Mea Maxima culpa.

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