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Deadly Spells Cover Concept

Fun treat for you guys today. I’ve received permission to show you the cover concept for Prospero’s War 3, DEADLY SPELLS! The book will come out in March 2015, but you get to see the pretty now.

Wells_DeadlySpells_TP (1)


Bam! Isn’t it awesome? Couple things.

1. This is a preliminary version of the cover. My brilliant cover wizard, Lauren Panepinto, had this to say about it:

“For Deadly Spells we are still working on the coloring, lighting, and the background. More ‘alchemical drug den’ feel.”

2. Maybe you’re wondering why we’d release this now if it’s only a preliminary version. Well, the thing about publishing is they work in cycles. Right now, my publisher, Orbit, is hard at work on the titles in the Spring 2015 catalogue. Instead of letting someone else get first crack at revealing the covers, we’re releasing them now so I get the thrill of being the first one to show it to you.

3. As in all the Prospero’s War covers, there are hints about the alchemical process the story is based on hidden in the cover. Hint: Look at the symbols.

4. I’m still writing DEADLY SPELLS, so I don’t have an official blurb to share. I can say it revolves around a murder and the media and lots and lots of secrets.

In case you haven’t see the other covers in the series, I’ve pasted all three below so you can them together. Remember, CURSED MOON comes out in August!

DIRTY MAGIC COVER (1)Wells_CursedMoon-TPWells_DeadlySpells_TP (1)