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Meridian Six is Here!

Five years ago, I was asked to contribute a short story to an obscure anthology. The obscure part didn’t matter because it would be my first publication. I had just signed with an agent, but I had yet to sell.

I threw myself into the project and wrote a very short tale about a woman named Carmina Sargosa, who is on the run from the Troika, a totalitarian vampire regime that has enslaved the human race in blood camps. Her goal was to find a house reputed to be an underground railroad for those on the run from the system. It was a few short chapters. I called it “Red Life.”

Fast forward to last year. I’ve finished a five-book series that earned me a spot on the USA Today bestseller list and tone of the top awards for my genre. It’s time to pitch a new series. I have two ideas. One is a vague notion about writing a cops and wizards book. The other is to return to the red-soaked dystopian universe and write the rest of Carmina’s story.

In the end, I decide to pitch the cops and wizards story as my next traditionally published series (the forthcoming DIRTY MAGIC–out January ’14) for several reasons I won’t go into here. Suffice it to say, Carmina was not pleased with this choice. She whispered in my ear. She flashed images of book mountains and robotic bats and an ominous building known only as The Factory. Then she told me her secret, and I realized I had to finish her story.

This novella is the first step in sharing the tale of Carmina Sargosa, the woman the Troika calls Meridian Six. I hope you all enjoy it.


Meridian Six remembers the days before the Troika enslaved humans. She also remembers her mother, a freedom fighter murdered in the final battle between humans and vampires. But it is her mother’s final words that have haunted her:

Red means life.

In the years since her mother’s death, she has been used as both a propaganda tool and a blood slave by the Troika. She’s withstood their indignities because the alternative meant bleeding out in a blood camp. But their abuses finally go too far, and she decides to run towards freedom and her mother’s red light.

On the other side, she finds the Sisters of Crimson. They help her just as her mother promised, but they also hand her to the human rebels. The vampires used her famous name to keep human slaves biddable, but now the humans want to use it inspire a revolution.

Meridian Six is about to learn that when the world is at war, freedom is a luxury paid for with blood.

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