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Sabina is a TV Star

You guys! This is so exciting. One of my books was featured on Good Morning Texas today!

The fabulous Gwen Reyes of Fresh Fiction fame featured BLUE-BLOODED VAMP as part of her recommendations for spooky reads for October. Click here to watch!

3 Thoughts on “Sabina is a TV Star

  1. My wife is proof that your books are worth reading. My wife suffers from a stage IV brain tumor and it is in the area of the brain that affects her being able to say a word or even understand it’s meaning, but she eventually gets through. It’s called aphasia and it’s a bitch. Especially to someone who loves to read. My wife got her first Sabina Kane novel just before she was diagnosed and fell in love with it. As the aphasia grew worse, she knuckled down and finished the entire series though sometimes she would have to read in small pieces. But, she read them all. That is the true sign of a good book. Thank you, Jaye!

  2. jkh1948 on October 18, 2012 at 10:23 pm said:

    James, blessings and healing energy to your wife, and strength and peace to you. We reading addicts will do just about anything to read a good story!

  3. Mike Bacon on March 24, 2013 at 10:56 am said:


    I met you last summer when you came to A Real Bookstore with Kevin Hearne. I had not been familiar with you or Sabina at that point. I had come to get Kevin to sign a book, and you were gracious enough to sign a bottle of Shiner for me. I have finally read Red Headed Step Child, and loved it.. I am going to be reading everything you write! Sorry it took so long, but I am an actor and writer, and have been working a lot…

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