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Fire Water Excerpt



Prospero’s War Novella


Rookie cop Kate Prospero only has one more training assignment to pass before she’s officially sworn in to Babylon Police Department. But the veteran cop in charge of the river patrol boat is a salty old guy isn’t happy about playing tour guide to a rookie and seems even less interested in real police work. But while on patrol, they stumble on to what appears to be a floating dirty magic lab. This highly combustible situation might finally be the key to these two unlikely partners finding common ground.


Pretty much any cop can tell you the story of their first arrest. Also the first time they

pointed a gun at someone–or had one shoved in their face. The first handcuffing, the first black

eye, the first time a perp puked on them–and, for some, the first person they killed.

My first collar wasn’t all that memorable. Just a speeding ticket that led to an arrest for

outstanding warrants.

My second was mildly more interesting, but not exactly earth-shattering. Underage girl

selling three-dollar blow jobs in an alley off Stark Street. When she’d seen me coming, she hadn’t

fought at all. Not surprising since I basically caught her with a mouthful of incriminating


No, my first two busts weren’t that impressive. Sure, the second got a couple of laughs

when told over beers at O’Malley’s near the Cauldron cop shop. But it wasn’t a contender for best

war story compared to some of the fucked up shit the veteran cops on our squad had seen.

Working in a magical ghetto didn’t have a lot of advantages–except when it came to outdoing

your cronies with fish tales of junky wizards and potion peddling homunculi.

However, my third bust was the stuff of Cauldron legend. Ever since it happened, cops in

Babylon referred to in hushed tones and begged me to retell it over beers. But to me, it was more

than just my go-to war story.

It was the story of how I became a real cop.

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