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Check out her online and in-person workshops and seminars offered through Writing Workshops Dallas.

Interested in having Jaye come speak at your writers’ group or conference? Below is a list of topics and workshops offered. Most may be modified to fit different time slots or audience experience levels. For more information, please email wellswritingworkshop@gmail.com.

Promises and Payoffs 

Good stories don’t happen by accident. To master the art of delivering satisfying tales, writers must learn how to effectively make story promises in Act One as well as how to deliver satisfying payoffs by The End. This class will explore the types of promises you must make from the first line of your story, demonstrate a variety of tools you can use to make those promises, and offer strategies to avoid cheating your readers out of satisfying payoffs. Length: 90 mins, but can be modified down to an hour or up to a full-day session.


Mastering the Scene

Scenes are the building blocks every every great story. In this workshop, Jaye will share her strategies for building compelling scenes that deepen characterization and ramp up tension. She’ll address the use of beats to craft scenes, the proper place to begin and end scenes, and weaving scenes together to craft an amazing story. Interactive elements can be added to this workshop to analyze scenes from students’ existing work or a group activity of breaking down scenes from bestselling books.


Fighting Demons: Internal versus External Conflict

Explores the distinctions between internal and external conflicts, as well as the importance of combining the two to create riveting fiction. Length: 60 minutes

Plotter, Pantster … or Puzzler? 

Teaches the various approaches writers use to construct stories, and introduces Jaye’s process of Puzzling a story using an organic approach to writing combined with story boarding. Length: 60-90 minutes

Wells Developmental Editing Services

Three developmental editing packages are available. Custom services are also available but require consultation. Fifty percent of payment is due before work can begin. The other half is due prior to consultation (via email or Skype depending on package). Turnaround time is typically three weeks (except for the Long Game package) unless otherwise discussed during our consultation. If you need a faster turnaround there will be additional charges.

Genres: Urban fantasy, horror, mystery, crime fiction, romance, women’s fiction. Will consider other genres, but a conversation will be needed to determine whether it’s an appropriate fit for my wheelhouse.

Please send an email to wellswritingworkshop@gmail.com to enquire about availability.

Option 1: The Big Picture

  • -1.5 cents per word
  • -Read entire novel and write in-depth letter of critique regarding plot, characterization, story development, world building, use of genre conventions, etc.
  • -Email access for follow-up questions
  • -3 week turn around
  • -This option is great for experienced authors with a good grasp of craft who need a fresh set of eyes to prepare a manuscript for submission.

Option 2: The Deep Dive 

  • -2 cents per word
  • -Everything in The Big Picture level plus:
  • -Detailed comments and marks on manuscript itself
  • -In-depth feedback on word craft. Includes notes on effectiveness of word choice, sentence structure and literary devices, as well as pointing out areas of weakness, e.g. writing tics
  • -1-2 hour call (phone or Skype) to discuss suggestions and plans for revision
  • -This option is great for authors who need more in-depth help with craft and need more guidance in improving their work.

Option 3: The Long Game 

  • -4 cents per word
  • -Everything in The Deep Dive plus:
  • -A second read of the fully revised manuscript and a second phone call or Skype session to discuss any remaining revisions needed
  • -Email access during the full process to ask questions or for guidance
  • -This level is best for the newer writer looking for more mentorship on their project.

Please note:

Developmental editing is not the same as copy editing. I will flag repetitive grammar and punctuation tics I see, but copy editing is not my specialization or strength.

In addition, I do not  guarantee that any proposed revisions or suggestions will lead to an offer of representation or a book deal.

I also retain the right to decline to work on stories containing any illegal or gratuitously offensive elements, e.g. those that promote illegal acts, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. In such case as work has already begun on the project, a partial refund will be offered.

Wells on Craft

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Below is an archive of blog posts from my Craft Thursday blog series, where I tackle topics on the craft and life of a writer. Have a topic you’d like me to tackle? Email me at jaye@jayewells.com.


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