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Below is a catalog of blog posts from my Craft Thursday series, where I tackle topics on the craft and life of a writer. Have a topic you’d like me to tackle? Email me at jaye@jayewells.com.

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Inspiring Yourself Into Inertia
Permit Yourself
Escape Hatches
An MFA and the Mid-Career Author
Let Go Of Your Story
Jaye’s Writing Hacks
The Journeyman Writer
Playing God with a .38 Special 
The Habits of Happy Writers
Time Ain’t On Your Side 
You, Inc. 
Message from the Liminal
Restriction and Creativity
Trust the Ghost 
Get Gritty
KIT–Keep It Together
Be More Bendy
Live a Little 
Protect Your Zone
More Thoughts on The Zone
Own It
Embrace Adventure
Want Control? You Already Have It
The First Book Quandary
Horse, Bird, Muffin, Pegasus


The Lists
Jaye’s Office Hours: Research
Must-Read Craft Books
The Juice is Worth the Squeeze
Old Dog, New Tricks
Conscious Rebellion
Ten Things About Revision
Using Synesthesia to Keep Descriptions Fresh
Writing a Great Hook 
Humor and Other Painful Topics
Method Writing
Seen Any Good Stories Lately?
Outline Schmoutline
When In Doubt, Flash
Picking Up the Pace
Badass Collages
Stupid Writer Tricks

Interested in having Jaye come speak at your writers’ group, conference, school, or workshop? Below is a list of topics and workshops offered. Most of these talks may be modified to fit different time slots or audience experience levels. For more information, please email jaye@jayewells.com.


Promises and Payoffs 

Good stories don’t happen by accident. To master the art of delivering satisfying tales, writers must learn how to effectively make story promises in Act One as well as how to deliver satisfying payoffs by The End. This class will explore the types of promises you must make from the first line of your story, demonstrate a variety of tools you can use to make those promises, and offer strategies to avoid cheating your readers out of satisfying payoffs. Length: 90 mins, but can be modified down to an hour or up to a full-day session.

Mastering the Scene

Scenes are the building blocks every every great story. In this workshop, Jaye will share her strategies for building compelling scenes that deepen characterization and ramp up tension. She’ll address the use of beats to craft scenes, the proper place to begin and end scenes, and weaving scenes together to craft an amazing story. Interactive elements can be added to this workshop to analyze scenes from students’ existing work or a group activity of breaking down scenes from bestselling books.

Nurturing Your God Complex: A Crash-Course in Worldbuilding for Speculative Fiction Writers

Teaches the how to establish rules for your fictional world, world building on the micro and macro levels, pitfalls of world building, creating a bible to keep track of your world, as well as brainstorming tools. Length: 60-90 minutes


Master Your Universe: Worldbuilding for Everyone 

Most people believe that worldbuilding is just for science fiction and fantasy writers, but all genres require some level of world construction. In this class, Jaye teaches the difference between building macrocosms and microcosms and which approach works best for each of the different genres. She also shares her “Travel Agent” technique for creating complex and layered worlds for your stories. Genre writers who want to take their stories to the next level will benefit from learn how to make their settings come alive as well as how to have their worlds support and deepen character development and plot. Length: 60-90 minutes

Fighting Demons: Internal versus External Conflict

Explores the distinctions between internal and external conflicts, as well as the importance of combining the two to create riveting fiction. Length: 60 minutes

Writing Hacks

Jaye shares her best tips and tricks that add impact to sentences, scenes and stories as a whole. The strategies include tips for powering up sentences, effective revision strategies, and how to build tension. Length: 1 hour

The Writer’s Epic Journey

Explores the process of writing a novel from idea to revisions using the Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as a template. Includes Jaye’s ten tricks for revisions, as well as her list of tricks to make your manuscript sing. Length: 3 hours, but may be modified to fit a 90 minute time slot.

The Five Ps of World Building 

Teaches the basics of world building. Length: 30-60 minutes. Excellent for school groups.

Plotter, Pantster, or Puzzler? 

Teaches the various approaches writers use to construct stories, and introduces Jaye’s process of Puzzling a story using an organic approach to writing combined with story boarding. Length: 60-90 minutes

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  1. Linda Bolton on July 5, 2018 at 10:06 am said:

    Hi Jaye,
    I know you’re very busy but I thought I’d give this a shot. I saw your presentation at DARA and was wondering if you had time Sept 15 to do a presentation for NTRWA in Collyville if you live in the DFW area?

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