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Wanted: Meridian Six

Wanted Poster“‘Code 439?’ she said. ‘That’s assault, correct?’
I gave a jerky nod to confirm that was, indeed, the crime assigned to Code 439, but I didn’t feel the need to confess my innocence. After all, if things had gone as planned the charge would have been murder instead.”
Check out my novella, MERIDIAN SIX–now available in audiobook!

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Meridian Six Now in Audio

Hot on the heels of Cursed Moon’s release earlier this week, the audiobook for Meridian Six is now available! Meridian Six is the first novella set in a brand new, near-future world where vampires have imprisoned the entire human race in blood and labor camps.More novellas are planned in this story about a group of rebels trying to overthrow their bloodthirsty overlords.

The audiobook was narrated by the very talented Nicky Phillips. She did a great job capturing Meridian Six’s voice and was a dream to work with on this project.

Meridian_SixMeridian Six remembers the days before the Troika enslaved humans. She also remembers her mother, a freedom fighter murdered in the final battle between humans and vampires. But it is her mother’s final words that have haunted her: Red means life. In the years since her mother’s death, she has been used as both a propaganda tool and a blood slave by the Troika. She’s withstood their indignities because the alternative meant bleeding out in a blood camp. But their abuses finally go too far, and she decides to run toward freedom and her mother’s red light. On the other side of the light, she meets a band of human rebels who want to take their world back from the Troika. The vampires used her famous name to keep human slaves biddable, but now the rebels will use it inspire a revolution. For Meridian Six, freedom is a luxury paid for with blood.

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Also available in both print and ebook!

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The Cursed Moon Has Risen

Wells_CursedMoon-TPToday is the day! Cursed Moon is finally out on bookstore shelves (both physical and virtual).

In this installment, a rare Blue Moon is about to rise over Babylon, and Kate Prospero and her team at the MEA are trying their best to keep the chaos to a minimum. Someone is stealing potions from the covens, and the MEA must find the responsible party before the Blue Moon rises and all hell breaks loose.

All the old characters you love are there–Kate, Morales, Volos, Baba, Pen, the MEA team, etc. But there are some new characters, too, such as Aphrodite Johnson, who is the leader of the Mystical Coven of the Sacred Orgasm. There’s a villain who believes he’s the second coming of Dionysus, and a henchman who dressed like a leprechaun. Oh, and horny Satyrs. And … well, I don’t want to give too much away. Needless to say, it’s full of all the things that make a story a Jaye Wells story–action, quirky characters, gritty situations, plot twists, and lots and lots of juicy conflict. I hope you enjoy it!

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Newsletter Contest

In anticipation of CURSED MOON’s release on August 12 (next Tuesday) I’m hosting a big contest in my newsletter.

Prizes include a copy of Dirty Magic (either a signed print version or ebook, winner’s choice) plus a Tshirt. But not just any T-shirt: a Laser Vaginas World Tour 2014 commemorative T-shirt.

Processed with MoldivWho are the Laser Vaginas? Some people believe the Laser Vaginas are a feminist punk rock band whose goal is to rock mysogyny off the face of the planet. Others believe Laser Vaginas is a joke that took on a life of its own. They’ve appeared in fiction (Kevin Hearne’s SHATTERED), have galleries full of bar napkin art dedicated to them, and may or may not be working on their official web site. Either way, across the globe, people have taken up the cry of PEWPEWPEW.

The design is currently owned by only three people in the entire universe: Kevin Hearne, Nicole Peeler, and myself. This means if you are one of the two winners, you will be part of the extremely selective Laser Vaginas Herd.

As I mentioned, two subscribers to my newsletter will win one T-shirt plus a signed copy of DIRTY MAGIC. This contest is open worldwide (because the Laser Vaginas know no borders), and no purchase is required to enter. Simply subscribe to my newsletter (the form is on the sidebar to the right). I’ll announce the two winners on 8/12 (Tuesday) in the newsletter. Easy peasy!


Sabina Kane Covers!

As some of you might have heard, I’m releasing a new Sabina Kane novella in October. FOOL’S GOLD is a prequel novella to Red-Headed Stepchild. It’s set in the late-’70s in L.A. and follows Sabina’s first mission as an assassin. Today, Orbit sent me the cover for the novella, so I thought I’d share it with you.

FOOL’S GOLD is an expanded and updated version of the previously published short story “Vampsploitation,” which appeared in an anthology years ago. I added about 10k words, so it’s pretty much a new story. The preorder links are not yet live on this novella, but they should be up soon. Keep an eye here or through Twitter, Facebook, or my newsletter (form is on the right-hand side of this page) for updates!




A few years ago, I published a short story called, “Violet Tendencies.” The action of the story takes place between THE MAGE IN BLACK and GREEN-EYED DEMON, and answers the question of what happened to Valva the demon. Well, today, Orbit surprised me by sending me a brand new cover for the story!

For reference, here is the original cover. It’s fine, but I never really loved it because it departed so much in style from the series covers. Several months ago I asked to have the cover redone, but never heard anything else–until today when they surprised me.


But check out the new cover!

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Read an excerpt here.

Gorgeous, right?!? I am so psyched that all of the Sabina Kane short fiction thus far now have cohesive cover designs. I have to say I’ve been very lucky in the cover department. I hope these get you excited about getting some more Sabina Kane fiction!

*It may take a couple of days for the new cover to get uploaded into the retailer’s system. Also, I am not linking to Amazon because of the current feud with my publisher, but if that’s your preferred retailer for ebooks, it’s available there, as well.

Prospero’s War Series

When I started writing the Prospero’s War series, I had one goal: I wanted to see what would happen if I took the cop shows I loved (The Wire, The Shield, Luther, etc) and added wizards. How would the conversation about the societal costs of addiction and the ever-graying line between good and evil change when filtered through the metaphor of magic?

The resulting series has been compared to J.D. Robb’s In Death series and Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. It also received some very kind early reviews from authors I really respect:

“Jaye Wells has created a fresh, magical world full of potion junkies & alchemists that promises to break new ground in paranormal thrillers.” – Laurell K. Hamilton, NYT Bestselling author of the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series

“Kate Prospero is my new favorite heroine—imperfect, haunted, driven, and dangerous.” – Kevin Hearne, NYT Bestselling Author of The Iron Druid Chronicles

Dirty Magic showcases seasoned pro, Wells, at the top of her game, and establishes newcomer Kate Prospero as the urban fantasy heroine to beat.” – Vicki Pettersson, NYT Bestselling Author of The Signs of the Zodiac and Celestial Blues series

In the first novel in the series, DIRTY MAGIC (read ch. 1 here), we meet beat cop Kate Prospero, who gets herself assigned to a Magic Enforcement Agency task force focused on breaking up the covens of wizards to cook and sell dirty magic potions. Her first case on the task force involves tracking down the wizard behind a dangerous new potion that turns its users into feral monsters (werewolf-esque). The twist is all the evidence is pointing her to old flame, John Volos, as the culprit.

On August 12,  the second book, CURSED MOON (read ch. 1 here) , comes out. A rare Blue Moon is coming and the city of Babylon is definitely feeling the magic-warping effects. The cops have their hands full keeping things under control as potions go haywire and people start acting strangely, and that’s before a psychotic mage decides to terrorize the city.

If you haven’t given the series a try, I’d suggest starting with DIRTY MAGIC. The books are designed to each have their own case to solve, but there are also major relationship elements that build from one book to another, as well as Kate’s own character arc.

If you’re a fan of urban fantasy, you might enjoy the twist of crime fiction mixed with UF. If you’re a fan of police procedurals, you might find the magic and quirky characters adds a refreshing twist on crime fiction genre conventions.


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Cursed Moon releases August 12!

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Happy reading!

Three Things

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To read an excerpt of MERIDIAN SIX, click here.



The Hangover

So there’s this thing that happens after you complete a book. I call it “the hangover” but it could just as easily be called the “post-book malaise.”

Novels take a long time to write. Granted, they take less time now than they used to. My first novel took nine months. My most recent one took about four while I was also juggling grad school and writing two novellas at the same time. But I’m a full-timer now so I’m not grabbing writing time during the kid’s naps any more.

Anyway, The Hangover. After months of constant anxiety wherein you’re convinced you’ll never make this story work and OMG I NEED TO BE WRITING during every other life activity, it’s disorienting at best to suddenly find yourself with free time. You kind of wander around listlessly, wondering who you are without the stress and the story to define you.

It’s sort of like crash-landing back into the real world. After months spent in a place where you call the shots, you arrive back home where people are unpredictable and place demands on you. You have to do all the laundry that’s piled up. There are decisions to be made and you’re so tired from making all the decisions in that world you just left.

I turned in the aforementioned novel and novellas on Saturday. Sunday was easy because my family was around to distract me. Monday, I went to buy a pair of shoes and spent my afternoon reading a book for grad school at a coffee shop. I also spent a lot of the day crying. Suddenly, my brain isn’t preoccupied with story problems so it has a lot of time to worry about things like mortality and the unbearable randomness of life. So I went to yoga and spent a good hour out of my head, which was a huge relief.

I woke up this morning, ready to go back to yoga only to find out class was cancelled. I told my husband in a bit of a panic, “What am I going to do today?” He shot me a level look. “Anything you want.”

Being a full-time writer isn’t like other professions. You don’t ever leave the work behind. I can’t even escape my office because I have to walk by it every day. It’s hard to turn it off and just be present. This is why I’ve started doing yoga five days a week–to give myself a break from the constant worry.

I know I’m not selling this. Mostly I sound like a neurotic Type A who can’t relax, which, in fact, I am. But I’ve also recently realized that this mode of living isn’t working for me. So on top of the normal post-book hangover, I’m also reassessing my relationship with writing, and figuring out how to make it a less fraught experience. To figure out how to spend more time in The Zone and less in the panic zone.

But first I have to figure out what to do with my day. First, I’m going to sit on my ass and watch cooking shows without guilt. Then I am going to dive into my closet and clear out anything that doesn’t fit any more. Maybe this doesn’t sound fun to anyone else, but a little spring cleaning is great for the mental feng shui.

In the middle of all this, I’ll catch myself thinking, “Oh God, I need to be writing!” and gently remind myself that I already did my writing and I deserve a little rest. Then I’ll worry that maybe right at that very moment my editor might be reading the book and thinking I’ve finally lost my magic. Then I’ll shh myself and remind me that no story is perfect and any story problem can be fixed. But she won’t be calling today because that call never comes until you’re finally at peace with having a break.

Soon enough there will be a new book to write. But for now, I’m trying to adjust to reentering the atmosphere and remember I have a place here, too. Maybe other writers don’t go through this strange experience, but if you do, just know you’re not alone. Be gentle with yourself and practice being present. We spend far too much time in other places of our own making. It’s important to learn how to be in this world–the one we don’t control–too.


This Saturday I’ll be attending ConDFW in Addison, TX. It’s a really low-key, fun con, so if you’re in the area stop on by and say Hi!

Here’s my schedule for the day:
PROGRAMMING 2 (Chinaberry)
Saturday, 10am: Don’t Quit Your Day Job!
Panelists: Gloria Oliver, Jaye Wells, K Hutson, Lou Antonelli (M), Paul Black
A popular panel from last year, we bring the perennial topic back: what does one do to survive while waiting for the big break? Our panelists talk about what they had to do to survive, and if there was video evidence to prove it.

Saturday, 12pm: Jaye Wells, Cassandra Rose Clarke, Martha Wells

AUTOGRAPHS (Dealers Room)
Saturday, 1pm: P. N. Elrod, Candace Havens, Jaye Wells

PROGRAMMING 2 (Chinaberry)
Saturday, 3pm: What Is A Parody?
Panelists: A. Lee Martinez (M), Kathy Turski, Bev Hale, KB Bogen, Jaye Wells
To quote Wikipedia: “A parody (/ˈpærədi/; also called spoof, send-up, take-off or lampoon), in current use, is an imitative work created to mock, comment on or trivialize an original work, its subject, author, style, or some other target, by means of satiric or ironic imitation.” Famous examples are “Weird Al” Yankovic in song and Mel Brooks in movie (and musical!). There are always dangers in parody – Weird Al has been sued because of his parodies before, for instance. Our humorists talk about how to create a parody – and what to watch out for.