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High Lonesome Sound Audiobook

At long last, the audiobook of my Appalachian Gothic novel High Lonesome Sound is available!

For this special production, I worked with the wonderful Rebecca Roberts, whose evocative narration made the story feel brand new for me.

About High Lonesome Sound:

In Moon Hollow, secrets won’t stay buried. Neither will the dead.

On the day her mama died, Ruby Barrett stopped hearing the mountain’s song, and her daddy, Cotton, climbed into a barrel of moonshine. With no future to look forward to except raising her two brat sisters, Ruby prays for a miracle to help her escape Moon Hollow.

When horror author Peter West arrives looking for a story idea to resurrect his failing career, Ruby believes he’s the answer to her prayers. But Cotton Barrett has some whiskey-soaked prayers of his own. He wants his wife back, and he’s willing to strike a deal with the devil himself to make it happen.

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High Lonesome Sound Holiday Promo

Got a friend or family member who loves Gothic stories?

If you buy your loved one a print copy of HIGH LONESOME SOUND for ChrisHannaKwanz, I’ll send them a signed and personalized book plate. You just need to email info before 12/20.

Send an image of your receipt, personalization info and the address it should be sent to to Jaye(at)gmail(dot)com.

Details: Applies to print copies of High Lonesome Sound only. One bookplate per address. Requests received after 12/20 will not be honored. Requests submitted without proof of purchase will not be honored.

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High Lonesome Sound Bibliography

I do an enormous amount of research for every book I write. This is because I often only write about things I am fascinated to learn about. In the case of High Lonesome Sound, I did even more than usual because I wanted to avoid writing something that relied too heavily on stereotypes of Appalachia.

I know lots of readers and writers who are interested in this region and its customs. So I’m sharing my bibliography in the hopes it will help others learn more about Appalachia’s rich traditions and history. The works cited below are mostly non-fiction books, but I have also included a link to my Pinterest board, which collects dozens of articles, images, and other resources not easily cited. In addition, I’ve linked to a PDF of an essay I wrote in graduate school about feminism in the Gothic genre and how High Lonesome Sound adds to the tradition. There is a bibliography on academic sources for the history of Gothics included.


 Bibliography for High Lonesome Sound by Jaye Wells

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Additional Resources:

Moon Hollow Pinterest Board : Dozens of articles and images collected by the author

Further reading: Jaye Wells’ “The Narrative of Agency in High Lonesome Sound” essay. Wells Gothic Essay*

*All rights reserved. Do not reproduce or quote essay without permission of author.