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Book Sale–The Art of Loving a Vampire

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, The Art of Loving a Vampire is a Kindle Countdown Deal until Feb. 14. Get it now for just $.99! 

About The Art of Loving a Vampire

Curator Sydney Worth has an embarrassing crush on the handsome kilted man in her favorite painting. The portrait is more than two hundred years old, so the last thing she expects is for him to walk into her museum.

Logan, the eldest son of the Murdoch vampire clan,  can’t understand why this stubborn mortal woman isn’t falling for his mind control. Left with no other choice, he agrees to work with Sydney to prove his family’s claim to the painting. Now he just has to figure out how to keep the very attractive curator from finding out he and his entire family are immortals.

Can a vampire who hates complications and a curator with trust issues learn the fine art of love?

Get it now on Kindle! 


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