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High Lonesome Sound on Audible

Have you listened to High Lonesome Sound yet?

In Moon Hollow, secrets won’t stay buried. Neither will the dead.

On the day her mama died, Ruby Barrett stopped hearing the mountain’s song, and her daddy, Cotton, climbed into a barrel of moonshine. With no future to look forward to except raising her two brat sisters, Ruby prays for a miracle to help her escape Moon Hollow. When horror author Peter West arrives looking for a story idea to resurrect his failing career, Ruby believes he’s the answer to her prayers. But Cotton Barrett has some whiskey-soaked prayers of his own. He wants his wife back, and he’s willing to strike a deal with the devil himself to make it happen.

“This is a story that will leave you shivering in the dead of summer.” -Cherie Priest, author of The Family Plot

“A masterful portrayal of flawed humanity struggling to hear the song of the sublime. It’s harrowing, haunting, and ultimately triumphant with a deeply satisfying conclusion.” -Kevin Hearne, NYT Bestselling author of the Iron Druid series

“Some of the best horror I’ve read in ages. Feels like Stephen King after he really hit his stride.” -Stephen Blackmoore, author of Dead Things

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